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Minutes from 12-16-2020 Board Meeting

December 27, 2020 10:40 AM | Grant Dunham (Administrator)

RRA Board Meeting Minutes

Date/Time: 12/14/2020 7:00 PM Location: Archery Club

Meeting called by


Atendees: Grant Dunham, Ryan Langseth, Justin Brooks

Type of meeting

Board Meeting

John Brewinski, Paul Byzewski, Cole Frederick


Grant Dunham

John Marchell, Jason Whitesock, Jim Bisson

Note taker

Kristin Rose

Agenda Outline

  • ·         Roll Call
  • ·         Call the Meeting to Order
  • ·         There were no minutes from the 10/14/2020 board meeting
  • ·         Treasurers Report
  • o   Account Status
  • o   Expense Report
  • o   Report approved MSC John Marchell, Jason Whitesock
  • ·         Old Business
  • o   The collaborative fund raising 3D shoot with the Larimore fire department has been approved by their board.Jim Bisson and Darin Johnson will attend their next board meeting to begin planning the shoot.
  • o   There will be no extension of memberships because of our closure due to Covid restrictions
  • ·         New Business
  • o   The club is in need of a new janitorial service to periodically clean the club room, bathroom and range. Grant Dunham will get bids.
  • o   There was a power surge at the club that destroyed one camera. Jason Whitesock and Ryan Langseth will look into getting a new camera and an uninterruptable power supply (UPS).
  • o   Our door access system is out dated and difficult to maintain. Jason Whitesock will get information on a replacement system.
  • o   Jason Whitesock will get more key fobs to carry us until we get a new system.
  • o   Leagues will not be held this year. We will try to hold some special events for target and 3D shooters.
  • o   The North Dakota Competitive Archery group has been formed to run the ND state shoots. There will be separate shoots for 3D, 300, Vegas and others. RRA will be hosting the ND state Vegas tournament 1/30-1/31 2021.
  • o   The RRA will be selling raffle tickets as a fundraiser. They will be $10/ticket. Prizes are still to be determined. John Marchell will obtain the gaming permit.
  • o   The mural at the end of the range needs to be removed. A work day will be scheduled.
  • ·         Set next meeting: January 13th 2021, 7:00 PM @ RRA club

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